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World Homeschooler’s Day was established in 2021 and is the only non-faith-based, international holiday that celebrates homeschoolers worldwide. 

Marked annually on the first Friday in June, World Homeschooler’s Day is a global day for homeschoolers to celebrate their achievements, experiences, and growth over the previous year. In 2023, we celebrate on Friday, June 2.

The day also is a call to action for homeschoolers to:

  • celebrate their family’s unique homeschooling journey
  • observe the massive efforts taken each day of each family member to be or become whole, empowered, educated adults through the homeschooling lifestyle
  • raise awareness about the need to include families from all walks of life within the homeschool community narrative
  • support homeschooler-run and other businesses committed to providing inclusive and diverse products and services to the homeschooling community

Get your World Homeschooler’s Day swag on!

Join in celebrating the third annual World Homeschooler’s Day on Friday, June 2, 2023, by wearing your swag with pride and purpose.

10% of the total sales will be donated to 50 States 50 Books.

Inspired by homeschoolers’ incredible yet mostly invisible work, veteran homeschool mom Camille Kirksey wanted to create a holiday for all homeschool families.

After noticing that many homeschool events happen during the school year, she wanted the holiday to be closer to summer as many homeschoolers had either completed their year or were taking a break while gearing up for the next stage of their homeschool journey. 

Camille also wanted to address the lack of a national and international non-faith based holiday for homeschool families. Before World Homeschooler’s Day, homeschool holidays (and events) tended to be faith-based and focused more on homeschooling’s nuts and bolts than celebrating the families themselves. 

World Homeschooler’s Day was founded for all homeschoolers to celebrate their hard work, dedication, commitment, and achievements each year.

Learn more about Camille here.

Help get the word out! 

Let’s make World Homeschooler’s Day a staple in the homeschool community for years to come by making the first year a success. The more homeschoolers who participate, the better!

Here are some ways to participate with homeschoolers worldwide before and on World Homeschooler’s Day. 

  • Join the promotions team, #TeamWorldHomeschoolersDay
  • Like or follow on Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Share our website and social media pages on your blog, social media accounts, online homeschool groups, and word-of-mouth with other homeschoolers.
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Watch our short film

For World Homeschooler’s Day 2022, I co-created The “We are Homeschoolers’ Project with over one hundred homeschool families to show the beautiful spectrum of backgrounds and cultures within the global homeschool community. 

We hope you enjoy the film and recommend watching it in full-screen mode for the best viewing experience. Also, share it to help shift the narrative of who homeschools!

You can learn each family’s story here.

“I hope each family uses World Homeschooler’s Day to reflect on the beauty of their unique journey. Homeschooling lets you grow individually and knit more closely together as a family. What could be better than that?”

Camille Kirksey, Founder of World Homeschooler’s Day

Ways to celebrate

Need any ideas for celebrating? We’ve got you covered.

Check out these inspirational and creative ideas:

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