5 Fun Writing Activities You Can Do At Home

Sponsored by Night Zookeeper, a sponsor of World Homeschooler’s Day 2023

Getting your child to enjoy writing can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if your child is a reluctant writer. By using fun and engaging writing activities, you’ll ensure that your children see and feel the value in developing this skill and discover all the ways it can be enjoyable and a form of academic enrichment. 

This is where Night Zookeeper is a super helpful learning program for elementary kids. Their unique gamified approach to learning keeps kids engaged and focused on developing awesome reading and writing skills, all while having fun and unlocking their creative potential!

Night Zookeeper has put together a list of writing activities your children will love doing at home, it’ll be so fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning.

Story Maps

There are always lots of adventures taking place in the magical world of the “Night Zoo”, but there are also lots of ways to encourage your child to have creative freedom in creating their own adventures. There are hundreds of story maps online to inspire your child to explore different story starters and endings, plot lines, and twists while also getting them to use their creative thinking skills as part of their writing practice.

Here’s a free story map from Night Zookeeper to get you started!

Mind The Gap!

This is a super simple writing activity that your child can do anywhere, anytime – all they’ll need is a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, and their imagination! You just need to do is briefly write a few sentences to kickstart your child’s short story and leave space for your child to fill in the gaps with their own creative ideas.

This will develop their writing skills, including when to use nouns, verbs, adjectives, and punctuation to bring their story to life and help it flow.

Picture Writing Prompts

Sometimes your child will need a boost to help their creative writing flow, and that’s where visual prompts can be a great way to get them started. Picture writing prompts can inspire them to write stories and create poems and is an opportunity for them to expand their vocabulary, improve their descriptive writing skills and be considerate when observing and reflecting on their ideas. 

Become a Songwriter

Music is one of the easiest ways to get kids excited about words! Encouraging your child to become a songwriter for the day could even lead to having an in-house concert in your house as a family!

To write your own song, they’ll need to pick a topic (this could be related to their favorite hobbies, their best friends, or even their favorite subject to learn). Then, you’ll need an instrumental track from a song your child will recognize so they can create their brand-new hit! Finally, they can start writing different verses and a chorus that’ll be your household’s new favorite tune!

Try Nightzookeeper.com

The Night Zookeeper online learning program makes writing fantastically fun for your child as they develop their writing skills! The program offers a full language arts curriculum and will ensure your child’s days are full of fun and creative writing activities that they’ll ask to do!

The program offers thousands of writing prompts, word games, creative challenges, and interactive lessons across Grades 1-6, covering reading comprehension, vocabulary building, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And, if you thought it couldn’t get any better, they offer expert tutor feedback on all the work your child submits!

If Night Zookeeper sounds like the perfect learning program for your child, you can try it for FREE using this special offer link. When you register, you’ll get a 7-day, risk-free trial – the perfect way to get you and your child started on your Night Zookeeper adventure to ensure it’s a good fit. We’re sure it will be.

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