Author Information

Thanks for your interest in participating in the 2023 World Homeschooler’s Day (WHSD) Virtual M.I.D. Book Fair. Here is everything you’ll need to know.

What’s Included

Authors who participate in the book fair will receive:

  • A spot on our virtual shelves for their book(s) via my Amazon Storefront (Books will be separated by age / grade within their own lists to make shopping easier for attendees.)
  • Access to pre-made social media images and scripts to make sharing simpler in order to promote the book fair with their audiences.

Participation requirements

Authors who meet this criteria are welcome to participate:

  • Currently have children’s book(s) that are focused on multiculturalism, diversity, or inclusivity
  • Sell their book(s) on Amazon

Authors are also expected to actively promote the book fair from May 1 through June 2 with their audience, meaning at least once per week, and to support other authors as much as possible.

Participation Fees & Add-ons

General book fair participation is FREE. This means book(s) can be added to our virtual book shelves, but will not be separately featured and promoted to our audience.

There is a $10 fee to be a featured author.

Featured authors book(s’) will be displayed on the book fair’s main page (coming soon) with a direct link to their Amazon page for purchase. Their book(s) will also be added to our virtual bookshelves.

Featured authors are welcomed to also take advantage of the add-on packages below. These packages are in addition to the $10 featured author fee.

Package A$100

Limited to 4 authors

  • 3 exclusive Facebook and Instagram posts
  • Posted once per week for three weeks
  • 15-minute Instagram live on the WHSD page
  • Social shares on WHSD feed and Story and The Intuitive Homeschooler’s Story
Package B – $35
  • 2 exclusive Facebook and Instagram posts
  • Posted once every 7 days
Package C – $20
  • 1 exclusive Facebook and Instagram posts
  • Posted once during the book fair

Payments, Shipping, and Commisions

Payments: Authors will receive payments from Amazon as normal.

Shipping: Amazon will handle shipping and returns as normal.

Commissions: I am an Amazon affiliate and will earn from qualifying purchases made through my affiliate links or Amazon Storefront.

Please submit all of your information via the button below by Monday, May 1, 2023 to participate in this year’s book fair.

If you have any questions or concerns, please complete the form below. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.