2023 Sponsors

Meet our 2023 World Homeschooler’s Day Sponsors!

Each company believes in diversity and inclusion and provides products and services to support these initiatives in the homeschool community. 

Sponsors make the free events, giveaways, and work behind the holiday happen, so we are grateful for their support.

Platinum Sponsors

WriteAtHome provides online writing, literature, and history courses combined with tutoring for students in grades 4-12.

Writing coaches provide clear, directive, encouraging feedback on every assignment and give a rubric score on the final draft of each paper. Students complete one draft of a paper each week so they get consistent practice and feedback without being overwhelmed.

WriteAtHome offers annual and semester courses as well as eight-week workshops. Their annual literature and history classes provide engaging discussion and expert insight from their teachers as well as quizzes, discussion posts, & papers. They also have ELA classes for grades 4 & 5 which include writing and literature.

Learn more about WriteAtHome.

The 90-Minute School Day is a lifestyle approach to education. This method is a deschooling framework and system for parents.

You will learn how to transition yourself away from the traditional school mindset and into self-directed learning. Yes, you can educate all of your children in less than 90 minutes a day!

The 90-Minute School Day approach can help if you are:

  • Engaged in daily power struggles.
  • Working with a neurodiverse kid or two.
  • Want a strength-based approach.

They offer

  • A dynamic self-paced course on how to apply this method in your homeschool.
  • 1:1 homeschool parent consulting
  • Group coaching

Learn more about 90-Minute School Day.

Hewitt Learning offers curriculum, testing, & more!

Reduce test anxiety with an untimed paper test you administer – we score. The P.A.S.S. Test (grades 3-8) meets most state testing requirements and provides a comprehensive report, giving insight into your student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lightning Literature and Composition (grades 1-12) is an award-winning ELA Curriculum that can help students fall in love with literature, expand their ability to read deeply and thoughtfully, improve communication, and prepare them for advanced language arts concepts.

MC Detective Agency is designed to teach college level chemistry through engaging comics and hands-on activities for kids 8-108!

The National Innovator Challenge provides K-12 students who have an innovative idea, app, or prototype with a path to the Global Challenge.

Learn more about Hewitt Learning.

Reconstruction provides homeschoolers K-12 online, live-tutored supplemental enrichment courses that center Black History, Black Culture, and Black Excellence and Joy!

Learn more about Reconstruction.

Gold Sponsors

TruSpark is a unique assessment for grades 7-9 that starts with a student’s own stories, which means the results are as distinctive as your students.

Other assessments focus on

• Talents and Strengths: The skills students use.

• Personality: How students act and behave.

• Interests: The activities students participate in.

TruSpark reveals why students do what they do—the intrinsic motivations that drive decisions and behaviors.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, narrative-based assessment experience that combines a student’s own personal stories with an interactive sorting process to help each student better understand themselves.

With the full TruSpark experience, you get a robust, multi-day study that takes your students on a personalized journey to discover their inner Core Motivations and then explore how those motivations relate to future career possibilities.

Learn more about TruSpark.

BookShark is a complete, literature-based secular homeschool curriculum that uses a variety of educational resources to help children learn from a wide range of diverse perspectives.

Children from pre-K through high school learn to think critically and grow academically while developing a love of learning and fostering close family bonds.

BookShark Virtual is an online schedule with automatic grading and assessments making BookShark and homeschooling easier for you and your student.

Learn more about BookShark.

The Creativity Project was founded by Shannon Merenstein and Bar Rucci to encourage educators, caregivers, and school leaders to explore process art and open ended play as vehicles for deep, engaged learning and development.

The Creativity Project has published over 60 guides with themes such as Connection, Curiosity, Flow, and so many more. The guides dig into the social emotional and academic benefits of child led art and play and provide educators with advice and inspiration for immediate implementation in the classroom.

Each guide contains more than a month’s worth of simple invitations with everyday materials, a diverse and inclusive picture book list, ways to extend the learning experience, long term projects. and much more!

Learn more about The Creativity Project.

Homeschool U Academy is the first and only online homeschool academy created to empower homeschool parents (who we call ‘facilitators’) to homeschool successfully by bringing out the best in their children and themselves. 

While most online homeschool academies are for children, Homeschool U Academy offers innovative online courses, books, coaching, and community to teach and support homeschool facilitators, regardless of where they are on their journey. 

Homeschooling can be a transformative experience for children and parents (or whoever takes part in the homeschooling process,) and our unique approach helps facilitators develop the skills, mindset, and camaraderie to homeschool successfully by offering the guidance, resources, and community support they need most.

Learn more about Homeschool U Academy.

Used by over a million children worldwide, Night Zookeeper is an online learning program offering a full language arts curriculum for children aged 6 to 12.

The program’s unique gamified approach includes thousands of educational games and activities covering writing, reading, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, keeping kids engaged and focused on developing awesome skills, all while having fun and unlocking their creativity.

Night Zookeeper’s program also offers personalized feedback on children’s writing from our team of tutors! It’s so fun, children don’t even realize they’re learning!

Learn more about Night Zookeeper.

Silver Sponsors

Mia Wenjen is the author of picture book, Food for the Future: Sustainable Farms Around the World. She is also the author of picture book, Sumo Joe, and middle grade books, Asian Pacific American Heroes and Changing the Game: Asian Pacific American Female Athletes, both available through Scholastic.

Learn more about Mia.

The Rube Goldberg Institute is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 committed to equity and access in STEM and Arts Education.

Each year we hold free contests both building and drawing and we have expanded into contests creating Rube Goldberg Machines in the digital space. The annual task is announced at the start of each school year.

In addition we offer a variety of educational resources geared towards bringing Rube into the learning space.

Learn more about Rube Goldberg.

What do successful homeschoolers do? Every family is different, just as every child is unique. Learn how to adapt homeschooling to fit your own family with resources from Kathy Oaks of @homeschoolers.are.not.hermits.

Kathy blogs at homeschoolersnothermits.com and has published five books on homeschooling, including her comprehensive secular guide “Homeschoolers Are Not Hermits.” Read first-hand about a variety of homeschooling families in her two anthologies, edited with Brynn Steimle, including Global Book Award-winning “Why I Love Homeschooling Neurodiverse Kids.” And plan your next road trip with “Road Schooling.”

Kathy teaches photography and is the Member Liaison at Planet Homeschool, and she is President of the Board of Directors for Minnesota Secular Homeschool Enrichment, Inc.

Learn more about Homeschoolers Are Not Hermits.